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Safety Tips for the Right Removal of Trees in Your Property

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 We want to save trees however, sometimes, it is not possible. Considering that the removal of the tree is our last resort, we know it is sometimes needed. In addition to that, it is also important when undertaking a stump or tree removal in order to perform it safely and accordingly. 

If you like to perform the task all by yourself, you should follow these basic safety steps. You should know that removal of a tree is not as easy as making a guess to where the tree would fall or just owning a chainsaw. Thus, it is actually more than that and should always be considered as a complicated project. 

  1. Examine the tree prior to starting the job 

 If it is necessary for a tree removal to create more space, or if it has already been infected by the ash borers, go on reading. However, if you recognized that a tree removal is needed because the tree is already dead, then stop. Do not be too rush in cutting down a tree. Trees are complicated creatures and removal of them should always be our last option. 

If you cannot tell if the tree is still alive or not, consult a qualified and professional tree removal in St Petersburg to do the inspection and make a certain diagnosis. The task may be as simple as chopping away a tree limb or as huge as a crown removal however, you might probably still have a healthy living tree on your asset.  

  1. Make sure that you have the appropriate personal protective equipment and tree removal tools

Whether it is a sizeable tree removal or just taking care of a simple stump, we will never start a task without the appropriate equipment. Sturdy work boots, goggles and helmets are just few of the most basic personal protective equipment or PPE. 

 Use of visible vest so the people may see that you are doing your job, ear plugs in order to protect your hearing, and safety gloves in order to protect your hands. Always have a buddy with you anywhere you go, whatever you do for safety purposes. 

  1. Read all the guidelines for the equipment and tools.

Always follow the guidelines whenever you use heavy tools in removing stumps, limbs, or even trees. Used with abandon or improperly can greatly increase the risk of endangering you or someone close to you. Furthermore, even an ill-fitting PPE can sometimes cause danger.  

  1. Know what you don’t need to do.

You may have a bit of an idea of how easy it is to remove a tree efficiently however, it may also be wrong. Your idea may not factor in the physics of the job or the surrounding area.  

 We strongly advise not to, ever, remove a healthy tree with the use of your truck. We also advise not to use a truck when removing a stump. Just don’t. Improper removal of a tree may not only damage other portions of your property or your own truck, but it could bring others around you as well as yourself in danger. 


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When Do You Need Tree Services? 

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Trees are nice to look at and they have many environmental benefits. As a matter of fact, many organizations are actually taking extra lengths to encourage the public to plant trees in the attempt to improve the earth’s atmosphere. However, growing trees have minor damaging effects too, especially if you reside in the city, urban, or suburban area where they are not that common.  

Tree Services

There are service providers that offer a diverse collection of tree services and you will need them if you have a tree in your backyard that is starting to become a little too problematic. The different instances when you might need to hire these providers are as follows: 

  1. There’s animminentbad weather condition.  

Hurricanes and typhoons may damage trees and if your home is in its direct path, then you must decide if you should cut it off before the next hurricane strikes. This is a necessary precaution that every homeowner should consider in order to keep their property and family safe.  

  1. The tree is too old.

Because old trees tend to fall out by their lonesome, you have to cut down an old tree before somebody gets hurt when it falls down without warning. Trees with roots that are no longer as strong due to its advancing age may have better uses as logs and lumbers instead.  

  1. Some branches are getting in the way.

Sometimes, you don’t have to take down the whole tree to ask the question “Is there a tree service near me?” There are many cases where only the branches of the tree are getting in the way of, let’s say power lines. If you let that tree grow any taller, then it may cause major electrical issues. In other cases, the branches are getting inside the window of your house to the extent of damaging it. For these instances, you have the option to just chop out the problematic branches and let the rest of the tree to grow.  

  1. The entire tree is in the way.

Are you thinking of building a shed or a barn but there’s a tree right where you want to build it? If that’s the case, you don’t just need to have the tree cut, but you also need to have the stump removed. These are two entirely different services but a professional tree service provider should be able to do both for you.  

Trees definitely offer a beautiful backdrop to a home, which is the reason why some homeowners prefer to keep it. As a matter of fact, many want it to remain healthy, strong, and sturdy. To achieve that, you need regular tree trimming services, which is yet another service that such a professional can provide.  

There will be many other reasons why you’ll need tree services but the bottom line is, for as long as you have a tree planted on your property, you have to save the contact number of these service providers. You never know when you’ll need their services so just keep that very important information handy. 

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