Getting Rid of Mosquitos

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Mosquitos suck, literally. Every people in the world hate those itchy welts from their bites. Also, you could put anxiety to the ingredient with the Zika virus in the news. Even though Zika is much more common in South America than in other places, the kind of mosquito possibly capable of transporting the disease is in the United States. Thus, it is best to take Zika earnestly. The disease could bring an autoimmune illness or mild flu-like symptoms. There is a chance of severe defects of the child if you are pregnant.  


Hiring a professional pest control company is the best way to get rid of mosquitos. However, if the infestation is not that severe, here are some ways to prevent it from spreading.  

Remove Stagnant Water Regularly 

Ensure that there is no stagnant water everywhere – garbage in an open can, plates under your flowerpots, or toys outside the house. Also, improperly drained yards, kiddie pools, and ponds could attract them. 

Mosquitoes could breed anywhere, even in a bottle cap. Luckily, they cannot fly really far. Thus, you could really lower the number of mosquitos in your home if you could remove their breeding spots. 

Do your best to keep your visitors away from ponds, empty kiddie pools, and drain stagnant water in your yard to prevent a disaster at your next picnic. Luckily, swimming pool is one of the watery places that you do not have to worry about. Mosquitos will not breed on it as long as your filter of your pool is working and your pool is chlorinated.  

Hire an Expert to Examine Hidden Areas in your House  

An exterminator could check places such as roofs, which could gather water and become the main spot for breeding. Check your window screens and replace the broken, ripped, or not properly fit one while you are at it.  

Natural Repellents must be Part of your Yard 

Several plants make self-protective chemicals to discourage hungry predators (such as deer) that would also keep insects off. However, unless the plant is really harmed, these repellents are not typically released. Thus, make sure to harm your plant before your event if you fill your landscape with plants like citronella.  

Put Repellant Regularly 

A spray or lotion that contains DEET (when utilized as stated, it is safe, even for children), oil of eucalyptus or lemon, IR3535, or picaridin is the best way to prevent mosquito bites. However, after a particular time, it would wear off, depending on the mixture. For you to know when to apply again, read the instruction of that repellent. Also, do no forget to apply it on children on ages 1 month and older as well. 

Cover your Feet 

Mosquitos love bacteria and sweat. That is why your toes are the main spot for this blood suckers. So, if you sleep with your windows open, it’s much better if you wear socks or cover your whole body with a comfy blanket.  

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