6 Things to Know Before You Remove a Tree 

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Tree care job is dangerous and challenging; imagine cutting and removing a tree with equipment with the goal of not hurting anyone and damaging any property. A single person with skills and proper equipment cannot even do this; a tree cutting job needs a whole team.  

That’s why it’s necessary to hire a professional tree care service because working on long heights needs proper training. There are many risks with this job and it includes electrical wires, wildlife, homes, nearby fences and worst homes. So to make your investment worthy, you have to know the following tips and techniques before you remove a tree.  

How the Job is Going to be Approached 

Before you hire a professional, ask them about how the equipment is going to be used during the job. No one would want massive equipment in their compound damaging other properties. If the machinery needs to be moved across the lawn, make sure that the sprinklers and others won’t be damaged. Photograph the area to document the current condition of the place and in case of future damage during the job. It will be covered in the insurance.  

Sound Out the Tree 

Before the removal process starts, try to knock against a tree using an axe. If it’s hollow, the tree might be a dying tree or already dead. If it sounds solid it’s a live wood and would be definitely hard to cut down.  

Know the Length of Process 

The removal process is going to last longer than you think. It’s going to be difficult depending on the condition of the tree. As the homeowner, you should ask the tree care professional about the length of the tree removal process. Ask the company about their estimate so you can opt for a shorter time to make the process effective and quick.  

Equipment to be Used 

You also have the right to know what equipment the company will use during the removal process. Some of it might include stump grinders, axes, safety gear, truck and chainsaws. Focus on the items that you might really need. Of course, the company can tell you about it because they will inspect the tree first and they will tell you what exactly they need. 

Where the Tree Falls 

Even though you are not directly involved in the process, or if you have plans of giving a hand as assistance, you should find out the direction where the tree will fall. Professionals will designate a drop zone for the fall, where the tree will naturally fall. However it’s better to expect the unexpected to avoid any injuries and damage.  

How to React When Tree Falls  

If the tree falls off the wrong way, away from the drop zone, it’s better to have escape routes. Escape routes should also be planned together with the drop zone. This is to ensure you that you’ll have route to run to. To decrease the risk of injuries, do not turn on your back on the falling tree while you are moving away.  

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